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-Bright & Sunny-

Better than Dark & Angsty

Kirin Yi
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Name: Kirin Yi
Nickname: Giraffe (nice one, sousetsuken)
PB: Jaejoong Kim
Age: 18
Date of Birth: October 1
Place of Birth: Daejeon, South Korea
Height: 178 cm
Current Town/City: Odessa, TX
Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Friends: Dae-mun "Jimmy" Lee, Candice Wilmer, Zach Teller, Jamie Madrox
Family: Adopted, no siblings

Ability: Light manipulation Kirin can absorb most forms of light and release the absorbed energy in various ways. He has only recently discovered his ability, and his control of it is very limited. He has the potential to be able to manipulate light to create blinding flashes, holograms, and even lasers.

History: Kirin was raised to believe that he had a genetic disorder that caused him to be overly sensitive to light. Exposure to the sun or bright light of any kind caused his body to react painfully. His skin burned, became swollen, and blistered. He suffered from severe headaches and bright light caused temporary blindness. The physical reactions were caused by instability at the cellular level that would go away if he developed control over over his ability. As his ability depends on the amount of light he is exposed to, by avoiding pain he essentially limited himself from ever manifesting anything more substantial than a flash from a camera.

Kirin was placed with his adoptive parents by the Company. Now that he has manifested his ability, they have distanced themselves from him, and his life is more or less under the Company's control. He is currently working within the Company to learn to control his ability.

(This is a fictional character's journal for the RPG 12 Months Back.)